Practice Areas

Attorneys at Van Camp, Meacham & Newman offer quality legal advice and services in the Pinehurst area and throughout the surrounding portions of North Carolina to individuals and business clients with concerns involving the following areas of law:

Car Accidents — If you were hurt because of another driver’s negligence and want to be fairly compensated for your injuries and losses, you have to fight — the insurance companies won’t just give in.

Construction Litigation — We resolve all types of construction-related disputes, including breach of contract claims, construction delay claims and more.

Contract Law — We draft a wide variety of contracts, review contracts that have been proposed to our clients, and challenge the validity of contracts in court.

Corporate Law — Our business services include business formation, business dissolution and everything in between. Talk to us about your company’s needs today.

Criminal Defense — There is no criminal matter we do not handle.

DWI Defense Lawyer — If you’ve recently been arrested for drunk driving — you probably have a lot of questions, several doomsday scenarios, and serious apprehension about what the future will bring. This is okay; you are definitely not the first.

Traffic Violations Defense — At Van Camp Law, we understand the impact that license suspension or revocation can mean for your livelihood, and we work hard to obtain the best results in every case

Employment Law — Our employment law attorneys draft, review, enforce and challenge employment contracts. Additionally, we represent clients in all types of employment lawsuits.

Estate Planning & Probate — Our services include drafting and revising wills, creating revocable and irrevocable trusts, probating estates and more.

Family Law & Divorce — We solve a full range of family law issues, including those involving adoption, juvenile law, divorce, child custody and property division.

Medical Malpractice —Medical malpractice cases typically hinge on whether or not the doctor or health care provider deviated from the accepted medical “standard of care.” In real terms that means answering the question: Did they do something that similar doctors or health care providers would not have done under similar circumstances?

Municipal Law & Condemnation — Our firm has extensive experience with challenging eminent domain actions taken by government and municipal authorities.

Personal Injury — Our lawyers have had great success at negotiating personal injury settlements and at obtaining favorable verdicts in civil and appellate courts at both the state and federal levels. Also see:

Wrongful Death — At Van Camp Law, we understand how devastating losing a loved one to another’s negligence, carelessness, or actual malice can be. Therefore we endeavor to get you the best possible settlement to try and assuage your grief, if only a little bit.

Real Estate Transactions — Protect your residential or commercial real estate investment by having our lawyers handle the important transactional details.

Social Security Disability Claims — Don’t let the bureaucratic paperwork get you down. We help to simplify the process of filing for SSDI and SSI benefits.

Workers’ Compensation — If you’ve been hurt in a work accident, have developed a work-related illness or have suffered a repetitive stress injury, we can help.

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