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If you’ve recently been arrested for drunk driving, you probably have a lot of questions, several doomsday scenarios, and serious apprehension about what the future will bring. This is okay; you are definitely not the first.

The important thing is to not let those things keep you from doing what you can to protect your rights and prevent the worst outcomes from occurring. In other words: Don’t talk to the police or the prosecutor without talking to an experienced DWI defense lawyer first.

A drunk driving arrest does not necessarily mean a conviction is automatic. Take action to protect your rights and talk to Eddie Meacham today. Just call or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to schedule a free consultation and put more than six decades of combined experience at your side.

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Is It Worth Trying to Fight a DWI?

Even though it may seem like there is no way to fight a DWI conviction, they are in fact far from bulletproof. There are many procedures and processes that the police must follow exactly in order for the evidence to be admissible in court.

The first possible weakness of the state’s case in court is that a police officer must have probable cause in order to pull you over and test you for DWI. If our DWI Lawyers can prove that the officer did not have probable cause, we can file a motion to suppress or dismiss the case entirely.

The second possible weakness of the case is in the Field Sobriety Tests. In order for them to be admissible as evidence in court, the police officer must administer all of the tests correctly. If the tests are done incorrectly or if the officer misses or ignores a single step, the possibility exists to have the evidence thrown out of the case, significantly weakening the state’s case against you.

Finally, even the breathalyzer can be called into question. Although it is not nearly as easy to question as the other tests are, machines do require the correct maintenance and use to be accurate. If there is any evidence that the breathalyzer failed you, we will try and find it. If we can get this evidence rejected, then the main evidence of the state will be null and void.

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Protecting Your Privilege to Drive

North Carolina generally imposes a one-year license suspension for a drunk driving conviction, or for having too many traffic violations in too short a period of time (i.e., too many points on your driving record).

Eddie Meacham understands the impact that license suspensions and revocations can have on an individual’s quality of life. Because of that, he works hard to obtain the best results in every case — a dismissal of the charges, a favorable plea agreement, an acquittal or a restricted license that will, at the very least, allow you to continue to drive to work.

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