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Van Camp, Meacham & Newman, PLLC provides expert legal representation and legal counsel to clients in and around Laurinburg. With our large team of experienced attorneys we offer a variety of practice areas to better serve our clients.

Laurinburg Social Security Disability Lawyers

If you're unable to work due to physical or mental disability, you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. However, trying to file a claim on your own can be confusing with numerous rules and regulations you have to file. It doesn't make it easier to know that most SSDI claims are denied the first time they are submitted, causing many eligible applicants to give up.

That's where Van Camp, Meacham, & Newman, PLLC can help. Our attorneys have extensive experience with Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income claims and appeals, and we will do everything in our power to help you get the benefits you need.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Laurinburg

In addition to our personal injury attorneys fighting to help our clients get compensation when injured in construction accidents, car wrecks, and other matters, we also offer dedicated medical malpractice representation. If your doctor or health care provider did not provide an acceptable standard of care which led to a diagnosis, severe complications, or even death, we will fight on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve. Our team of medical malpractice attorneys in Laurinburg work on claims involving:

  • Failure to diagnose cancer (misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis)
  • Failure to treat a heart attack or stroke
  • Nursing medication errors
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Prescription errors
  • Surgical mistakes
  • Obstetric malpractice
  • Birth injuries
  • Hospital negligence
  • Lack of informed consent

Laurinburg Criminal Defense Attorneys

The attorneys at Van Camp, Meacham, and Newman do more than business law and personal injury cases, we also provide expert representation in criminal matters, too.  Our criminal defense attorneys apply decades of experience and knowledge to your individualized case, creating a personalized defense strategy designed to achieve the best possible outcome. While most criminal cases are misdemeanors, we represent clients in all matter of crime, both minor and serious, including:

  • Assault
  • Domestic violence-related crimes
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Traffic violations
  • DWI charges
  • Drug charges
  • Theft crimes (shoplifting, burglary, embezzlement, etc.)
  • Fraud
  • Violent crimes (including capital murder cases)
  • Sex crimes
  • Internet and computer crimes
  • Tax crimes

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