Construction Law Attorneys in Pinehurst

Experienced Construction Lawyers in Pinehurst

Construction litigation is an all-too-common, yet unintended by-product of the building process. And as with most litigation, the results usually leave much to be desired for parties on all sides.

At Van Camp, Meacham & Newman, our preference for becoming involved in disputes early on and our willingness to invest time and attention to detail during the unglamorous, pre-litigation phase of the process has been helping to build better results for our North Carolina clients since 1976.

Our Construction Litigation Services

Today, our lawyers offer plaintiffs and defendants alike effective, experienced legal representation with construction litigation involving a wide variety of claims, including:

  • Construction delay
  • Construction defects
  • Mechanics’ liens
  • Overruns and change orders
  • Non-payment claims
  • Breach of implied warranty
  • Wrongful termination from construction projects
  • Abandonment of construction projects
  • Irregularities in bidding processes
  • Engineer or architect malpractice
  • Construction accidents
  • Insurance and surety disputes
  • OSHA violations
  • Environmental law

An Alternative to Construction Litigation

In our experience, it is sometimes better to resolve construction disputes through negotiation or in the structured forums provided by mediation and arbitration, rather than through the courts. One reason for this is that litigation is more likely to produce unpredictable, unfavorable results. Another is that resolving disputes outside of court usually saves a great deal of time, expense and worry for the client themselves.

Experienced Construction Lawyers for Plaintiffs and Defendants

Because our attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants in construction litigation — they are better able to see the arguments on either side of a given dispute and prepare cases more effectively with that in mind.

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